Our Solutions


Our Manufacturing Solution is a combination of Barcode / RFID Equipment , Wireless Connectivity and Software Solution . It keeps track of raw materials, semi-finished products and finished products throughout the manufacturing process. It provides the manufacturer real-time view into the status of the material to improve production efficiency.


  • Streamlines & Automate manufacturing process
  • Allow operator to find and deliver the material quickly.
  • Identify and validate material used, and ensure the correct sequencing and completion of manufacturing steps.
  • Achieve total inventory visibility and synchronized manufacturing processes.

  • Benefits

  • Can create Labels easily
  • Reduces Human Errors
  • Improve Efficiency
  • Simplify Identification & Tracking
  • Cost Effective

  • Applications

  • Traceability Solution
  • Work In process Tracking
  • Warehouse Management System
  • Returnable Transit Items
  • Regulatory Label Printing
  • Turn around Time
  • Transport & Logistics

    Our solutions for logistics and transport segment provides customizable applications and backend services for transport and logistics. Our solutions are high performance barcode scanning software, which delivers unmatched speed and accuracy in barcode / RFID scanners, tablets and wearable devices.


  • Supports various platforms like Windows, IOS and Android
  • Can be Integrated with Industrial Smartphones, Tablets and Wearable
  • Customizable Software Solution
  • Easy Integration with various DBMS / RDBMS
  • Supports HTML, CSS, Javascript

  • Benefits

  • Efficient Design & Development and Easy Integration.
  • Reduce Cost and Increase Premium Qualit.y
  • Less Maintenance or Updates.
  • Reduces Business and Implementation Risk.

  • Applications

  • Warehouse Management System.
  • Work In process Tracking.
  • Physical Inventory Count.
  • Integrated Wireless Communication Solution.
  • Pharmaceuticals

    Our Barcode / RFID based solution for Pharmaceutical Industry keeps records of all incoming and distributed batches in system with concerned certificates and other internal quality documents as these documents are critical for healthcare industry.


  • Design labels with various templates and formatting options.
  • Create and verify commonly used barcode types including GS1.
  • Produce supporting single page documents to include when dispatching products.

  • Benefits

  • Increase accuracy & provide cost effective benefits.
  • Increase efficiency through automation & Improves workflow.
  • Ensure every transaction is correct and is processed quickly.
  • Fulfil compliance with secure patient information.

  • Applications

  • Weighing & Dispensing.
  • Batch Tracking.
  • Warehouse Management System.
  • Stability Label Printing.
  • Retail

    Our Barcode based Retail solutions increase efficiency and enhance customer service. Retailers can use product and customer data collected at the point-of-sale to stock their inventory with the right level.


  • Provides a total solution and cross-selling with a checklist.
  • Can analyse the sales volume of a particular item.
  • Reconcile received stock to on hand easily and quickly.
  • Increase customer service levels with visibility to stock.

  • Benefits

  • Increase pricing accuracy.
  • Reduce inventory loss and improve profitability.
  • Shortens long lines & reduces customer wait time.
  • Enhances customer satisfaction.

  • Applications

  • Point of Sales (Invoicing & Billing).
  • Stock & Inventory Management.
  • Price Verification.
  • Gift Registry.
  • Loyalty Cards.
  • Health Care

    Our Barcode / RFID based solution for Healthcare Industry provides complete tracking solution for patients, employees, medicines and other medical items. Our solution ensures safety and security inside the hospital premises.


  • Printable wristbands for patient identification.
  • Streamline your pharmacy operations and protect patient safety.
  • Reduce administration time while increasing safety.
  • Decentralise computer and printer access for improved productivity.

  • Benefits

  • Increased patient and staff safety.
  • Visibility of expensive assets and inventory.
  • Integration, scalability and reliability.
  • Tighter critical processes and improved operational efficiencies.

  • Applications

  • Patient Registration & Validation.
  • Patient Consultation Modules.
  • Laboratory Specimen Tracking & Verification.
  • Pharmacy Management.
  • Material Management.
  • Asset Management.
  • Chemical

    Our Barcode / RFID based solution for the chemical industry collects data quickly and accurately and strengthens safety standards. It helps manufacturers to cut costs, improve operational efficiency and make better decisions faster.


  • Enable track the chemicals to the pallet, drum, case, or even unit level.
  • Identify chemicals that are corrosive, ignitable, toxic and even expired.
  • Provides the tools to respond quickly and cost effectively.

  • Benefits

  • Increases Inventory Accuracy.
  • Less Data Entry Time.
  • Less Data Entry Errors.
  • Real-time Visibility.

  • Applications

  • Batch / Process Manufacturing.
  • Lab Management.
  • Inventory Management.
  • Material Management.
  • Automotive

    Our Barcode / RFID based solution for the automotive industry streamlines automotive processes, reduce costs, increase quality control and improve customer service through tailored solutions. It provides accurate real-time visibility of tagged inventory, equipment and finished vehicles.


  • All kind of automotive units can be managed efficiently.
  • Decentralise data access for improved productivity.
  • Work In Progress (WIP) visibility.
  • Easy Integration with AIDC Equipment, Weighing Scale and ERP Solutions.

  • Benefits

  • Improved customer service and satisfaction.
  • Reduce total cost of operations.
  • Improved operational efficiencies.
  • Real-time visibility and decision support.

  • Applications

  • Gate Management System.
  • Warehouse Management System.
  • Material Management System.
  • Asset Management System.
  • Government

    Our Barcode / RFID based solution for the Government Segment provides accurate and secure data that can be served to the public. Our solution effectively utilizes the resources and having a high connectivity that delivers expected results.


  • Speed response times to emergencies.
  • Synchronize diverse teams of service workers.
  • Access critical support data in the field.
  • Improve location and travel efficiency with GPS and supporting applications.
  • Reduce need for cumbersome paperwork and redundant data entry in the field.

  • Benefits

  • Improved customer service and satisfaction.
  • Improved operational efficiencies.
  • Integration, scalability and reliability.
  • Real-time visibility and decision support.

  • Applications

  • Physical Inventory Count.
  • Traceability Solution.
  • Warehouse Management System.
  • Asset Tracking System.
  • Hospitality

    Our Barcode / RFID based solution for the Hospitality Industry provides customized solutions so you can serve your customer promptly and efficiently. We can customize barcode scanning and POS solutions to increase your efficiency to serve customers immediately.


  • Provide complete system to satisfy the guests.
  • Automate processes and avoids safety and quality problems.
  • Traceability of assets and stock that you need to serve your guests.
  • Shorten lines and provide data in real time.
  • Provide wireless internet access to the customer.

  • Benefits

  • Increase operational efficiency and profitability.
  • Smoothen Cross � Department Communication.
  • Reduce response time.
  • Visibility of expensive assets and inventory.

  • Applications

  • Check In / Out Management.
  • Inventory Management.
  • Asset Management System.
  • Store Management.
  • Point of Sale Solution.
  • CCTV Surveillance System.
  • Warehouse Management System

    Warehouse management operations are the core of any product and service oriented company. Managing the flow of accurate inventory data is proving to be a costly challenge for companies faced with cumbersome, error-prome, manual-based processes that lead to higher operations costs,excess inventory and inefficient use of storage space Designed for growing companies, Warehouse Management System automates manual based processes from purchasing to shipping and delivery to customers, having complete visiblility and control is a mouse click away. Warehouse Management Solutions has been deployed to customers across a variety of industries including logistics service, wholesale, distribution. manufacturing and automotive among others.

    Label Printing: Through integrated label printing utility, printing unique shipping labels for cartons and pallets is just a click away.
    Receiving: Receiving stock is to gain insights into shipments that have been delivered, but that are not yet at their final location. Material Receiving can be against purchase order, transfer order or production order.
    Location Marking: No matter how big or small your warehouse, location based storage of material increases the speed at which you can pick your orders, storage space utilization and the accuracy of your stock.

    Put Away: Put away helps to know the location of all inventories on your shelves. Put away location can be pre-defined according to material types or system guided based on the availability of space. Through mobile computer, scan location barcode first and then material barcode. System real time updates location of available stock.
    Picking: Improve error-proofing and productivity in the picking process. workers receive their picks on a mobile device that routes them to the proper location. Scanning items when you pick them verifies that the right item at the right quantity is picked. System also facilitatets FIFO and LOT No based picking.

    Re-packing/Palletizing: Onace the material is picked it can be repacked or palletized. System facilitates secondary pack barcode label printing and pallet barcode labels. System also maintains serial no information of primary packages packed in secondary package or pallets.
    Dispatch: At hte loading point through Mobile Computer you can make sure intended products of intended quantity are being delivered to the party. System validates material being loaded against sales order or delivery challan.
    Inventory Management: It is very critical for an organization's success. Eliminate errors and time-consuming manual processes by centralizing product, customer and vendor records across all function.

    Physical Stock Taking: Through Mobile Computer Inventroy count can be done by scanning barcodes. At the end of opearation system generates material variance reports as well as location wise material variance report.
    Reporting Management: The Warehouse Management System is designed to provide a wide range of useful enquiries and reports based on specific data analysis.
    Wi-Fi and Barcode System: Every warehouse funcation can benefit from the power of mobility i.e. real time availability of information, from receiving to replenishment, picking and packing to shipping. If Wi-Fi is not available data can be offline synchronized with the system.

    Track & Trace

    As the material and parts in the manufacturing process travel a great distance throughout the supply chain process the proper documentation and validations at each step becomes essential to achieve the traceability. It requires accurate labelling and tracking capabilities in sequence for monitoring the movement of goods from pre-production to quality control. Our Barcode Based Tracking Solution provides powerful tools that can achieve the traceability during the complete supply chain process. This application is developed on .Net Compact Framework and running on hand held mobile computers. It can be integrated with any ERP System including SAP, JD Edwards, Oracle, Microsoft etc. The middleware PC Application can be installed on any PC with Windows XP or above OS. It�s also having a provision for system to work in offline mode in case WIFI is not available.


  • Gain Visibility of genealogy of final product.
  • Better Quality Control.                                                                                                                                              
  • Improves Efficiency.
  • Adheres to regulatory compliance.

  • Mobilizing

  • Application developed on .Net Compact Framework running on Mobile Computer.
  • Middleware Application hosted on Server.
  • Real Time & Seamless connection to ERP like SAP,ORACLE,RAMCO, J D EDWARDS, MICROSOFT Dynamics, IBM MAXIMO.
  • Online validation of scanned data on server.
  • Real Time connection with database like MSSQL SERVER,ORACLE,DB2,etc.
  • If Wi-Fi is not available, offline integration option using USB.
  • Asset

    The barcode tracking system involves the use of barcoding to code each and every fixed asset that an organization wants to mange and track. The codes are entered into a PC module which can then be used to record an asset's movement and performance, from purchase to disposal, and to generate reports on the same. Ona change of location and during relocation, the barcoded asset is tracked using a HandHeld Terminal.This datais then updated in the PC Module. The technology used is simpleyet powerful and allows the organization to have complete control over various type of assets, big or small.

    Major Module
  • Asset Creation
  • Asset Allocation & Asset Relocation
  • Asset Audit
  • Inter-Company Transfer of Asset
  • Asset Maintenancet
  • Gate Pass Module with workflow for approval
  • Integration with SAP or ERP systemt
  • Map with Fixed Asset Register of the company
  • Consumable Management
  • Advantages of Fixed Assets Tracking

  • Saves time,effort and money on auditting tasks.
  • Wasted,Unutilized assets can be redeployed usefully or sold.
  • Allows for informed Assets replacement planningwithout wastages.
  • Accurate information on warranties and therefore, control on service levels and costs.
  • Staff monitoring & guidance - optimal staff dispatching and performance monitoring.
  • Increased asset & equipment visibility - increased productivity.
  • Asset & event management - faster reaction to inventory arrival and dispatching events.
  • Workflow Management - Better Staff and Equipment Utilization.

  • Features

  • Maintains fixed asset inventories with location and allocation details
  • Facilitates Asset Audit
  • Integrated barcode asset tag printing
  • Maintains AMC,Warranty,Depreciation and Maintenance details with reminder
  • Windows Mobile and Pocket PC portable barcode reader support
  • Variety Of MIS Reportd
  • Wireless support
  • RFID Item Tracking

    Managing physical resource becomes a huge challenge to manufacturers due to increased volume and number of transactions. Any misplace or lose of Resource becomes critical as it contains significant information for a particular record. Barcode/RFID based Item Tracking allows user to identify the location of Item quickly and precisely wherever it is located in Enterprise and enhance productivity and efficiency of overall operations. It will also increase the response time to critical situations.

    RFID Item tracking if implemented on Files eliminates lost files and records, reduce wasted man hours searching for misplaced documents, and eliminate pain points associated with compliance and audits.


  • Reduce misplacement                                                                                                                                                   
  • Increased productivity & efficiency.
  • Improved records management.
  • Increased profitability.
  • Multiple security levels.
  • Turn Arround Time

    The one of the core issue for the manufacturers are to reduce the turnaround time to gain competitive edge. In spite of having skilled employees who know the location of material, sometimes they are unable to know its real time status. They required real-time view into the physical location and status of all assets and supplies in order to stay on time and competitive. However, duly applied Barcode and RFID Solutions has the power to reduce manufacturing turnaround time effectively.


  • Provides Real-time Information.
  • Increase Productivity & Efficiency.
  • Increase Customer Satisfaction.
  • Increased profitability.                                                                                                                                                   

  • Field Mobility

    Nowadays due to advancement of mobile and wireless networks and devices it becomes possible for the enterprise to use Barcode & RFID applications in the field services like service, delivery, installation etc. It is possible to provide each field worker with a mobile computing device or tablet PC of running appropriate software to access any useful data.
    Our mobile technology solution provides complete solutions including hardware and software application with necessary network accessibility for filed mobility. It will streamline communication processes, increase efficiency and saves time and money that result into greater customer satisfaction.

    Android Apps

    Nowadays demand for android based Mobile Applications are increasing due to adoption of Android Technology by AIDC Manufacturers. The new generation mobile computers and tablet PC supports android operating system and applications.
    RBSPL provides customized enterprise grade mobile applications for different enterprise applications.

    Spot Billing

    Spot Billing Solution is being used by various Point of Sale applications to generate the bill or ticket instantly through Bluetooth or wireless barcode equipment. The bills / tickets are generated using spot billing software solutions integrated on device. The data can be uploaded on PC/Server in real time over WiFi or at later stage over USB.

    RFID Solutions

    RFID provides real-time inventory visibility � with less effort. RFID readers designed specifically for enterprise automation applications track inventory on the shop floor, warehouse to distribution. It provides us the real-time inventory information that provides the data needed to improve production planning and delivery management.

    SAP Integration

    Our iTrack Mobility Solution provides mobility extension to various ERP Systems. Application is developed on .Net Compact Framework and runs on mobile computer. It can be directly integrated with SAP, JD Edwards, Oracle, and Microsoft ERP over Wireless Network. It�s also having a provision for system to work in offline mode in case WIFI is not available.

    Real Time Location Solutions

    Real Time Location Systems can use active RFID tags to locate high-value assets and people on virtual maps, as they move in real-time. Our real-time location tracking uses RFID tags, which are attached to the tools, assets, vehicles or carried by staff. Signal measurements are taken from the radio communication and delivered to the RTLS software controller, along with other information. It calculates the accurate location of the tags and other Wi-Fi handsets.


  • Customer service                                                                                                                                                       
  • Improved records management
  • Increased profitability
  • Multiple security levels
  • GPS � GEO Fencing Solution

    Nowadays Geo-fencing solution becomes an important feature of location-based applications, providing new value to the field service companies. Our Geo fencing solution allows the operator to create virtual boundaries around specific location on digital maps. GPS enable device can be paired with this application. The activity could be triggered whenever GPS enable device enter or exit the geo fencing area. This info, which could contain the location of the device, could be sent via mobile or computer to the various uses. This location data provides Business Intelligence to the business organizations. It increases tracking capabilities of field service companies and incorporate dynamic, real-time information into decision making.


  • Track and Trace
  • Road Assistance                                                                                                                                                    
  • Toll Collection
  • Security
  • Print & Apply System

    Print and Apply systems are useful in the packing, shipping and labelling process in the warehouse. The Print and Apply Automation System is integration of various hardware and software like barcode scanner, print and apply machine, conveyor lines & software solution. This automatic printing application will be useful for stamping and serializing the products.

    Print & Verify

    Recently the Pharmaceutical, Food & Cosmetic Industries needs to comply with strict packaging & labelling regulations and hence printing of manufacturing date, expiration date & lot coding becomes standard practice in manufacturing process. The Print and Verification System monitors the printing of expiration dates and lot codes onto each carton and ensures that every printed code is accurately placed on the product or shipping box.

    Sense & Scan

    The Sense & Scan Solution is a conveyor line solution for dispatch point. The system integrates Proximity Sensors, Conveyor Line and Barcode Scanners. The proximity sensor will identify the shipping box or containers placed on conveyor line and barcode scanner scan the barcode and update the system.

    Weigh & Print

    The Weigh & Print Automation System is the efficient way to ensure accurate and consistent label printing. The system integrates the label printers with advance software applications and hardware devices such as barcode scanners and weighing scales. The System also allows the user to design label template as per requirement using existing databases and print the labels.

    PLC Integration

    RBSPL Automation Solution provides innovative PLC integration. It can connect devices such as barcode scanners, RFID readers; weigh scales, printers, encoders and sensors to PLCs. The devices can send data through RS232 or TCP/IP protocols, removing the need for manual data entry.

    Pick to Light

    Pick to light is a light-directed picking technology that provides an accurate and efficient solution of picking, putting or sorting products. Our Pick to Light System provides a proficient picking process that improves productivity. Easily visible lights have been associated with storage slot that indicate the user where next item is to be picked, and a display blinks the number or code of the items to be taken. The display will be switched off when order picker acknowledges the process by pressing a button after taking the item. The real time information can be maintained in the system.